Transgender Youth

As a child, I was confused and scared there was something wrong with me, and as such I tried hard not to outwardly manifest my inner struggle very often. My parents were not the cause of this repression. I’m sure they would have been confused and scared too had I the courage to tell them. I had figured out at a very young age that society in general was extremely fixed in their definition of the gender-binary and the media kept helping to turn transgender people into a spectacle to be shunned and laughed at. That is what kept me from sharing, society was ready and waiting to label me a freak, so in turn I thought I was one. I know better now. I still wish I had been able to do something about it before, but am happy I am finally doing something about it now.

For those children that also are growing up confused about their gender, or absolutely certain it is not what they were assigned at birth, they need to be allowed to express it however they need to, and given the opportunity to figure out who they are for themselves. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to believe that transgender children exist. They do, I was one, and imposing one’s opinion/belief of someone else’s gender only makes things worse.



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