Statistics, Violence, and Discrimination

Any statistics are hard to capture due to the stigma involved in being trans in society and most are afraid to come forward.

The below numbers were compiled by various sources, primarily The Williams Institute and NCAVP. I found some aggregated by Marie Claire and Bustle

700,000 – The number of estimated people who identify as transgender in the U.S.


41% – The percentage of transgender people who have attempted suicide


72% – The percentage of victims of anti-LGBT homicide that were transgender women


67% – The percentage of anti-LGBT homicide victims that were trans women of color


19% – The percentage of transgender people who experienced violence or abuse from a family member


18 – The number of states that have clear laws protecting transgender people


26% – The percentage of people who have lost a job due to their identity


78% – The percentage of people who felt more comfortable at work after they transitioned



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