Peer support group 2017

Update 2/14/2017:

Until further notice, the Trans Laconia 18+ peer support group will be suspended. If there comes a time when there is a demand for one, I will gladly donate my time to make this happen. Again, I and Trans Laconia will still be here. Stay strong, you are loved.

– Sarah
Original post 1/10/2017:

Hello all, I have been having next to no interest in the 18+ peer support group over the past year. I completely understand that not everyone would be interested in this, but wanted to at least provide the option. Being alone out there is hard, but you are not alone. We are everywhere and need to stick together through what will be difficult times. Sadly, I cannot keep coming to an empty space and wait for those that will not come. Unless something changes and I have some kind of turn out in February, I’ll be suspending group indefinitely. I and will still be around, just like before.

I hope to see you in February,